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Binding is the method of combining loose printed sheets to make them more durable and easier to use. We offer several options, each with its own pros and cons depending on the end use.

Saddle Stitched

Easiest, quickest and cheapest method. Take several sheets of paper, fold in half and staple through the fold. Used frequently for phamplets, newsletters, magazines and similar. The outer sheet can be of thicker paper or even thin card. With larger numbers of pages it is harder to keep the booklet folded.

Tape Binding

Stapled book with the spine covered in binding tape. Not used much now as the book will not lie flat.

Comb Binding

For larger page numbers. A plastic ring or 'comb' is inserted into punched slots and holds the sheets securely. Our standard comb binding has a clear front cover and a board back sheet. Sheets lie flat when opened but cannot be folded back on themselves. Replacing pages is possible.

Wire-O Binding

Similar to the comb binding except in using metal double loops. Once bound sheets cannot be replaced. Main advantage over comb binding is that the pages can be folded back on themselves. Standard offering comes with clear front and a board back.

Ring Binders

Useful for large publications such as manuals and parts lists, etc. Very easy to update. Various sizes and capacities available and can be personalised with printed inserts in front and spine clear pockets.

Calendar Binding

We Wire-O bind calendars complete with a thumbcut and hanging loop.